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74.3 Australian Dreams 2



Roberta Lowing, ‘After the Dream, the Awakening: 100 Years of Australian Celluloid Aspirations’
Donna Ward, ‘An Inch at a Time’


a.j. carruthers, Axis
Michael Farrell, Some Problems With The Page As Terra Nullius’
Toby Fitch, Villboard
Mudrooroo Nyoongah, Why Whatever Sadness


Maureen Cashman, The Amber Bird
Michael Crane, The Seven Days of Anna
Melanie Kinsman, Sucker
Soren Tae Smith, Wandjina


Shaun Bell, of Kenneth Mackenzie, The Young Desire It
Alison Broinowski, of Sheng Keyi, Death Fugue (trans. Shelly Bryant)
Margaret Bradstock, of Sarah Day, Tempo and John Upton, Embracing the Razor
Jessica Brooks, of Vanessa Berry, Ninety 9
Melinda Bufton, of Julie Chevalier, Darger: his girls
Sally Evans, of Carol Jenkins, Xn and Tricia Dearborn, The Ringing World
Sam Franzway, of Fiona Woods, Wildlife
Duncan Bruce Hose, of Laurie Duggan, The Collected Blue Hills
Aashish Kaul, of John A. Scott, N
Kate Livett, of Tanya Dalziell and Paul Genoni, eds, Telling Stories: Australian Life and Literature 1935–2012
Selina Samuels, of Felicity Castagna, The Incredible Here and Now


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