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73.1 The Political Imagination


Peter Boyle, poems 7 and 8 form Towns in the Great Desert
Danijela Kambaskovic, De Vita Sedentaria; Power
πO, Hymie
Adrienne Eberhard, The Hand
Peter Sweet, Wall Flower
jenni nixon, ships of dreams
Barnaby Smith, Grazing at Colo Heights
Ross Donlon, Manly Boys 


Jane Downing, Chance Encounters
Bronwyn Mehan, Down and Out in Alice
Thomas Rye, An Ordinary Lunar Sea


Ali Jane Smith on Corey Wakeling, Goad Omen
Michelle Borzi on Diane Fahey, The Wing Collection: New and Selected Poems, and Mark Tredinnick, Fire Diary
Nicolette Stasko on Michelle de Krester, Questions of Travel
Gretchen Shirm on Richard Flanagan, ‘And What do You do, Mr Gable?’
Kate Livett on Ali Cobby Eckermann, Too Afraid to Cry and Bron Nicholls, An Imaginary Mother

Or download the 73.1 Long Paddock as a single document from here.

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