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Susan Adams, PhD is an Australian poet published in nine countries.  She was awarded ‘commended’ in the 2012 O’Donoghue International Poetry Competition (Ire) and Highly Commended in the Val Vallis Award 2012. She has been read numerously on ABC Radio National. Recent publications include Quadrant, Westerly, Eureka Street, Hecate, Social Alternatives, Cordite, Visible Ink.

Michelle Borzi wrote her PhD on the poetry of W.H. Auden. She has lectured at university on Shakespeare, modern poetry, and Australian poetry and fiction.

Andrew Carruthers is currently completing a PhD at Sydney University on Long Poems, Notation, and Event in US poetry from Louis Zukofsky to Jackson Mac Low. His areas of interest include music, emancipatory politics, psychoanalysis, and contemporary theory.

Didier Coste was born in France and migrated in 1973 to Australia, where he published Vita Australis  (Wild and Woolley, 1977). Poet, novelist and critic in French and English (latest novel: Days in Sydney, 2005), playwright and translator, he is the author of many books and articles. He has taught Comparative Literature on the five continents. Anonymous of Troy is the author’s tenth poetry collection, his second in English.

Joseph Cummins is a Phd candidate at UNSW whose work examines the sound and space of the landscape in Australian literature and music. He also tutors in popular music at UNSW. He leads the band “Lines of Flight” and closely follows the Sydney Roosters.

Sarah Holland-Batt is the author of Aria (UQP). She was recently a Fulbright Scholar at New York University, where she gained her M.F.A.

Heather Taylor Johnson is a poetry editor for Wet Ink magazine and the author of two books of poetry, Letters to my Lover from a Small Mountain Town, being her latest. She reviews poetry and fiction widely throughout Australia and America and has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Adelaide.

Laura Joseph received her PhD from UNSW on the antipodes as hell in Australian and New Zealand literature. She is teaching in communications at UTS.

Sam Moginie is a doctoral candidate at the University of Sydney, working on Australian poetry in the 1970s. His interests include Australian experimental writing, Indigenous literature and feminism.

Nicola Themistes is an allegorist, belletrist, and occasional conceited hack from Melbourne. She published her first novel, Spectacle City in June 2012. Her work has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review and the Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology

Corey Wakeling lives in Melbourne. His work appears regularly in Australian and international journals, his first book chapbook Gargantuan Terrier, Buggy or Dinghy published by Vagabond Press. He is a PhD candidate and tutor in literature and theatre studies at the University of Melbourne, reviews editor of Rabbit, and interviews editor of Cordite.

Emma Wortley has a PhD in English from The University of New South Wales. Her academic work focuses on consumerism and young adult literature

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