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73.3 The Naked Writer



John Jenkins, Jeffrey Smart (1921-2013): a painter’s eye to poetry and story


Judith Beveridge, Karma

Frank Boyce, Vision of a Second Landing

Dan Disney, Critique, Aubade

Stephen Edgar, Spirits of Place

Zenobia Frost, Early Rituals

Helen Hagemann, Monarchs & Homeric Thought

D.J. Huppatz, Circlejerk vs Counter-circlejerk

Sam Langer, Fantasia on Themes Printed in Southerly 73.1,
You Were

Claire Roberts, As Though

John Watson, After Heavy Seas,


Sunil Badami, of Tony Moore, Dancing With Empty Pockets: Australia’s Bohemians

Gretchen Shirm, of Lucy Neave, Who We Were


Editorial Note

Welcome to the Long Paddock for Southerly 73.3.  This is a rich issue, hard copy and Long Paddock alike, and has been a pleasure to edit. Those who consult the Long Paddock alone are missing out; those who consult the hard copy alone are also missing out. Please make sure to read both. I don’t think you’ll regret it!

There is much fine poetry here, two excellent reviews, and John Jenkins’ important essay on some of the literary background to the work of the iconic Australian painter Jeffrey Smart, who died last year at the age of ninety-two – an essay that serves at once as a useful and absorbing introduction to Smart’s work, and as a generous and insightful retrospective.

David Brooks

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